About our Church

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Gods church of Grace was founded in August 1979 as part of an international effort by Christian revivalist Herbert Armstrong as an endeavor to change the way people live, and to awake up our society to the reality of God's message.




Which day should we meet to celibrate?


Some congregations celebrate a day dedicated to God on Saturday and some on Sunday. This is a decision of the local congregation.


In December 1994 our church changed it's doctrine of the strict observance of the seventh day Sabbath and also the seven annual festivals of Lev 23.


The conclusion was that the celebration of the seven festivals was not required under the new testament. It is acceptable to keep these seven festival days, but not required for salvation.


It is well-known that most of Christ's arguments with the Jewish leaders were over the Sabbath. Christian history has included a lot of controversy over the practice of Saturday or Sunday worship.


There is nothing wrong with Christians meeting on Saturday or Sunday: God will not judge us over this issue, as some claim.