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The following is a list interesting links. If you wish information to be added to this list, please send me an e-mail.

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Interesting history information Sites

Synopsis of movie:

Within 300 years after Christ, Christianity changed the Roman Empire.

This story and movie tells the history of Christianity from the apostles, the house churches, the formation of a hierarchy of church government fashioned after Roman Cities, various church fathers, the persecution of the church, and Emperor Constantine conversion to Christianity.

The changing of the Jewish Sabbath to Sunday are covered.

The Geek philosophers influenced Christianity, the various church councils solidified church doctrine, the Niacin Creed 325 AD, and the development of the Christian bible and accepted books of the New Testament.

When Constantinople was established in 330 AD, Emperor Constantine insist on the canonization of the bible. The monastic search for God with monasteries through out the empire and chastity is discussed.

The Augustan book" The City of God" had a great influence. The city of Constantinople formation, was in 410. The fall of Roman was to some the fall of God’s kingdom on earth.

Covered in this movie is the rise of the papacy and the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 470 AD. Mohammed comes onto the scene in 610 AD. Leo the 6th bans icons (787AD counsel says icons were acceptable), some of these counsels caused more division than unity.

Charles the 8th the great of France, stops the Mohammed conquest, (Charlemagne), the rise of the Bishop of Rome now becomes more powerful, Vikings come to Europe in 800AD and the Virgin Mary came into tradition.

It was thought year 1000 may be the return of Christ because pagans ran all over Europe (Rev 6:4 Red horse). All of Europe comes within the Christian influence by 1000AD.

Information on the second 1000 years of Christainty.

John was one of the original 12





Christian Topics

Is Sabbith keeping required?

Does the Bible condone slavery?

History of Christmas celebration.


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