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God’s Church of Grace was founded in Augusta in 1979 as part of an international effort by Christian revivalist Herbert Armstrong, (who founded hundreds of congregations across the country and around the world), in an endeavor to change the way people lived, and to wake up our Western Society to the reality of God's message.
Since 1979 the Augusta church, had been called the "Worldwide Church of God in Augusta," until 2006 when the Augusta congregation changed its name to God's Church of Grace, to better reflect the eternal gift God has given us through Jesus Christ, the forgiving of all our past transgressions, and living a sinless and caring life as an example to all God’s people.


Which day is the Sabbath?

Some Worldwide Church of God congregations celebrate a day dedicated to God on Saturday and some on Sunday. This is a decision of the local congregation.

In December 1994, the Worldwide Church of God changed its doctrine on the strict observance of the seventh day Sabbath and the seven annual festivals of Leviticus 23. The conclusion was that strict seventh-day observance and festivals were no longer required of God under the new covenant and that the extensive rules given Israel under the old covenant were given as a guide to the new covenant.

It is noted that most of Christ’s arguments with the Jewish leaders were over the Sabbath. Christian history has included a lot of controversy over the practice of Saturday or Sunday as an observance of worship. Note that many writings in the New Testament were written in language that Jewish people understood and might not be literal.

Without going into a long invective on the Sabbath, let it be said that there is nothing wrong with Christians observing a Sabbath on Saturday or Sunday or observing various holy days, but we do not believe these are required for salvation.

Our Beliefs



--Birth control

--Capital Punishment

--Christ's Return

--Creation Vs Evolution


--Deity of Jesus

--Divorce & Remarriage


--Inspiration of Scriptures


--Security of Salvation



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